A temperature inversion makes for a beautiful day on Mt. Monroe, New Hampshire

About MGH Outdoor Photography

I’ve been an artist and nature lover for all of my life, but I did not discover my passion for photography until I began to travel. In March of 2011 I went to Patagonia. When I returned home, words weren’t able to do justice to the things I had seen, and I became very thankful for the photos I had taken.

I brought a love of photography home with me, and to the White Mountains of New Hampshire.  The hiking I had enjoyed for years now had more purpose.  MGH Outdoor Photography was born.

Mountains, oceans, rivers, wilderness – these are my favorite places to be. Not all of us choose to go there, but I feel that we all appreciate them on a deep human level. I want to share the beauty of these places with those who haven’t been, and “compare notes” with those who have.

As I continue to grow my love for the outdoors, I’ve realized just like words, photos can’t spread the love alone.  Hence, the latest in the evolution of MGH Outdoor Photography.

I hope this collection of pages and posts will inspire you to head out to explore and protect the wild places in your backyard, your country and the world.  If I’m successful, it will also help you with the logistics and planning, and make me some new friends.  I look forward to meeting you!