Knowledge and Experience

The summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro from the Shira Plateau, Tanzania, Africa

I mentioned I’ve been thinking about Kilimanjaro quite a bit in my last post.  It was 4 years ago this month that I was there,  Continue reading Knowledge and Experience

When Gear Becomes a Part of the Team

Sitting on the couch with my favorite gear

Is it me, or over the years, do some pieces of gear move out of the realm of go-to/favorite and become something more like a friend?  They become a Part Of The Team – or a POTT. Continue reading When Gear Becomes a Part of the Team

The Solo Mountain Drive

Mt. Rainier from a car

I love a long solo drive to the mountains.

I have trouble relaxing at home.  There are always things I should be doing.  Big things, little things, I feel like I don’t deserve to straight chill knowing that they remain to be done. Continue reading The Solo Mountain Drive